Essay about The Overview Of The Car Industry

Essay about The Overview Of The Car Industry

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The Overview of the car industry

The following study analysis is about how the automobile industry in The United States is growing and the significant impact on the environment. The manufacturers and the effects on the environment and how the OME is measuring and regulating the emissions from cars fuel gas. The primary source of air pollution affecting the environment is on high levels of hydrocarbon, carbon monoxide, heavy metals as the major air contaminant in our cities representing a significant threat to our natural resources as a health risk.


The Original Equipment Manufacturers as (OEM) is the one that regulated the cars specifications as how efficient a machine or system need to be to pass the minimum requirements through safety and fuel emissions. The requirements or criteria an organization needs to be to comply with the environmental focus in vehicles. The car pollution is the thematic around the world as the increasing on traffic conglomerations in metropolitan areas. Transportation, communication and logistics being together around the world for alternatives ways to implement solutions on the commute transportation. "While cost reduction remains critical, the automotive industry 's emphasis is on the environment and the demands that it puts on innovation," said Chris Murphy, director -- Americas, for DuPont Automotive. The environmental regulations are being reinforced the laws in Europe and the United States, particular with the fuel emissions. The new objective of the rules on U.S. will be as 105g CO2/km for the year 2020. Technology is the key to being able to be in a competitive global market.


Today’s reality is that the automobile industry is the primary contaminant in our plan...

... middle of paper ...

...closures forced by the bankruptcies, capacity more in line with demand." Fifty-four percent of responders say that fuel-efficient vehicles with reduced environmental impact and this statement were important to consumers. Forty-one percent say enhanced safety and thirty-seven percent say improved comfort and convenience are important to consumers.

To pursue this objective, most “OEM strategies were focused on:

• Improving fuel efficiency and reducing carbon and pollutant emissions

• Developing of alternative fuel vehicles, powered by fossils (natural gas) or renewables (Biofuel).

• Electrification technologies by enhancing the cost-effectiveness of hybrid and electric

vehicles.” (KPMG, 2015)

The tendency towards the future is and will be the conservation of our natural resources taking care of our planet including the atmosphere.

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