Essay on Overview and Debate on Organ Sale

Essay on Overview and Debate on Organ Sale

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As the world develops, the need for money, exploitation and commerce rises and opens
many doors for the benefiters that lead them into a whole new universe of unethical, criminal
acts that serve their ego. Organ sale is a commercial trade that fits in that position and is
considered a part of the black market. As inhuman as trading organs might seem, this act is
actually judged in many different ways allowing some sides to argue their point of view by
elaborating many benefits resulting from such a trade , and on the other hand , giving the
opposite sides the possibility to highlight the immoral activity that is known as the organ trade.
Although this type of trafficking is illegal most countries, it doesn’t stop the traffickers from
performing the activity in the black market, allowing themselves to benefit financially from the
sale of organs (hearts, kidneys, livers...) and victimizing a large number of people.

What is organ trade exactly? It is the trade involving inner human organs for organ
transplantation. Even though there is a worldwide shortage of organs available for
transplantations, the organ trade is still illegal in all the countries except for Iran. The
subject of whether or not this act should be considered illegal is debatable and it arises
different opinions validated by different justifications.
There is no doubt that this commerce of human organs victimizes a large category of
people. In fact, the "desperate donors" that pay the price are usually the poor people
in developing countries that rely on the sale of their organs as a way of making money
to improve their family's economic status. However, selling their organs affects them
indirectly as they are normally cheated by the traffi...

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