Overcoming the Depths of Darkness: The Hrrors of the Hitler's Conquering of Eastern Europe

Overcoming the Depths of Darkness: The Hrrors of the Hitler's Conquering of Eastern Europe

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In life, often the thought of the significance of identity runs through our minds due to one's needs to determine their difference from others while maintaining their similarities with society's standards. Just as a butterfly whose wings, painted with vivid colors, wants to remain camouflaged among nature, the constant struggle to express oneself exists not just today but as a main factor in the life of one young boy during the Holocaust. Depicted through Elie Wiesel's heart wrenching words in the memoir, Night, the horrors of the Hitler's conquering of eastern Europe come to life during which Wiesel strives to sustain his faith in religion as well as his innocent view of humanity previous to his encounters and the bond that connects him to his family. Through these encounters in his teenage years, Wiesel overcame the depths of the Kingdom of Night, where he fell victim to the trap so long ago, now emerging with his identity recovered and intact as well as a dream to spread his universal message. In order to raise awareness for Human Rights around the world, he shares his experiences in the concentration camps to warn the world to make peace, to never allow the mistakes of the past to occur once more.
Identity circulates around one specific trait of oneself that often times, categorizes them which in Elie's case happens to be his faith, his strong religious beliefs as well as his desire to learn more about Jewish Mysticism. As the war slowly creeps upon the town of Sighet, he has no acknowledgment of the terrifying deeds of the Germans as they transport his family to Auschwitz, a death camp with the intent of eliminating all those discriminated by Hitler. Watching as people frantically toss valuable items into the dirt to prepar...

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...y that as a young infant would, makes mistakes that set off a series of events of which mostly unfortunate. His religion remained in his heart even after his faith died, for he conquered the darkness that enveloped him, not allowing himself to wallow in the hatred to undoubtedly consumed him thereafter. Loneliness that followed after his father's death along with loss of family gave him motivation to find his truth, his identity, his reason for existence. One man's words helped keep the memory of millions alive, inspiring generations to come as they embark on their journeys to discover and construct their unique identities.

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