Overcoming Potential Barriers For Learning Assessments Essay example

Overcoming Potential Barriers For Learning Assessments Essay example

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To overcome potential barriers to learning assessments can take place, teachers can set achievable targets and use the graduated approach. The graduated approach identifies four steps of action - assess, plan, do and review (DfE, 2014). Most importantly, the DfE (2014) agrees that “all agencies should work together to fulfil the needs of SEN learners working together with teachers, parents and schools and any other local authority”. One question that needs to be asked, however, is whether the “quality of the teacher contributes more to learner achievement than any other factor, including class size, class composition, or background” as stated by Sanders and Horn (1998). Also, teachers spend time planning and teaching children so their role could be the most crucial component of inclusive practice, contributing to high progression made by a diverse range of pupils. Lastly, a differentiated curriculum for a range of pupils within mainstream education and the removal of barriers will help the SEN learner learn: examples being equipment and resources (The Children and Families Act, 2014). After this, lessons should be followed by regular assessments so that support is matched to needs.

Effective assessment methods help teachers to develop appropriate strategies to sustain the child’s learning which can be challenging. Before 2014 assessments and statements were the best way to offer provision for a child with SEN. These statements described SEN children’s needs, how needs should be met and what school the child should attend. As statements were not as effective as hoped, EHC plans were introduced to replace statements in the Children and Families Bill (2014). The development of EHC plans means that the local authority has up to 6 we...

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...students with learning disabilities” (Bender, 2008, pg. 53). In mainstream education teachers, should also be able to develop alternative assessment methods, because pupils with dyslexia might show a better understanding of a topic using an alternative means of demonstration than a pencil and paper such as intervention. Teachers need to support children with SEN in every lesson so this could be challenging as whole class teaching might be taking place rather than intervention. As a result, pupils with SEN cannot always have the teacher’s full attention unless there are teaching assistants available to carry out intervention whilst the remaining children are taught by the class teacher. In contrast, adapted strategies help to match the pupil’s needs to the activities which are set, increasing children’s self - confidence and improving the teacher/pupil relationship.

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