Outward Expression : The Impact Of Modern Photography Essay

Outward Expression : The Impact Of Modern Photography Essay

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Outward expression: The impact of modern photography
With roughly 576 mega pixels the human eye is more than capable of captivating this magnificent world (Clarkvision). Thousands of billions of precious moments seen by every human. Continually occurring wanted or not, "Images like those in ‘Precious Time’ are difficult for anyone to look at, yet we need to know that this, too. ” (Documentary Photography). The ability to record of every single instant is unfortunately virtually impossible and has always been a problem. To cope with this tragic flaw, countless ways to recreate the moments captured by sight have been formed. From stories to poems, drawings to photographs, society is refining the level of reenactment of these moments. "Today photography has become a global cacophony of freeze-frames. . . “(Draper). Everyone wants to mount all the instants of every minute of their day. This is becoming more and more possible with cheap affordable cameras. Along with these captured moments are tangles of emotions such as love, hate, sadness and joy. As a great author once inscribed “pain demands to be felt” (Green63). Emotions have just as much of a need to be expressed as memories do to be remembered. Therefore the reenactment of those moments combined with emotions develop into a very unique form of expression. The outward self-expression of emotion is best captured through modern photograph.
Identity and culture are the foundations of lasting art. Throughout history many different forms of art have been created and expressed. “Photography was initially used for portraiture and landscape photos"(Webster). Today photos are used for just about everything. From magazines to pictures of food everything gets captured with click. In ...

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... of growth, and the beauty of reality. If social media platforms, system broadcasts and general compositions utilized and expound the positive and uplifting effects change will happen. Photography can change the world, it has in years past. The outward self-expression of emotion is best captured through modern photograph. “Today is the day, technology is there, the rest is up to us…” the human legacy must go on. Being expressed never oppressed. It’s been developed, there is more than a need for it. It is our responsibility. Creates a broad learning as well as teaching database for people to gain knowledge and be exposed to the real world. Photography can be utilized to inspire and motivate new generations and keep society a well-functioning system. Photography can change the world. The outward self-expression of emotion is best captured through modern photograph.

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