The Importance Of The Camera In Photography

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The Camera:
The camera is one of the main components to photography. Every picture goes through different stages. For example, pictures of advertisements on those large bill boards aren’t just printed off from a camera. They go through stages like the original picture, to photoshop, to publishing, etc. However, every picture you see starts off with one single object; The Camera.
The camera you see or use today never existed back then. They’re technology weren’t as developed as they are today in our lives. Never mind portable devices that have the camera function. They still had cameras back then, but they weren’t as convenient. Here, I will explain the changes the camera had gone through over the centuries.
First commonly used camera- This “camera was basically a room, a hole, a wall, a paper, and an artist. Through the whole, the scenery would be projected onto a blank wall covered in a sheet of paper, or a sheet of whatever was wanted to be painted on. Then the hired professional artist would trace the projection.
1838- The Stereoscope Viewer was made by Sir Charles Wheatstone in 1838. The viewer was made with a pair of mirrors at a 45 degree angle to the user’s eyes, and each lens reflecting a picture located off to the side. This camera showed the importance of binocular depth perception. This was shown by the camera, that when two pictures simulating left-eye and right-eye, views of the same object are presented so that each eye sees only the image designed for it. While the eyes see the designated part, the brain will combine both image and make it seem like one viewed 3D object. Wheatstone's stereoscope was introduced in the year before the first practical photographic process became available, so drawings were used. The ad...

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...nvenient functions that all come in one small device will attract a lot of buyers.
All the cameras that were mentioned are not even close to 1/10th of the cameras that were invented in the past centuries. These were just a few of the milestones that were all important to the high quality digital cameras we have today, since they all had functions that were all used today. A main reason why cameras had been developing so quickly, even today, is because it was an interest many people had back then, and now. Photography as mentioned before isn’t just about capturing pictures. It has many different functions which tie into it. Photoshop, animation, fashion, videography are just a few of the branches that are carried off from photography. There are many more links in which it connects to, which all might have a different level of focus, and a different preferred camera.

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