Outdoor Recreation: Human Activity Damages The Natural Balance of an Area

Outdoor Recreation: Human Activity Damages The Natural Balance of an Area

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The wilderness offers many opportunities for recreation (e.g. biking, camping, fishing, hiking, hunting, nature photography, riding horses, skiing, stargazing, and swimming ). Outdoor recreation fulfils an innate desire humans have to reconnect with nature and themselves. However, outdoor recreation contradicts the objective of wilderness protection. The most insignificant of human activity can extensively damage the natural balance of an area. Being able to strike a balance between the two is the responsibility of wilderness managers. By taking a realistic approach to stewardship and considering societal beliefs about wilderness, wilderness managers are able to support recreational activities while preserving the surrounding environment as best they can, keeping human impacts within tolerable levels.
The wilderness provides tremendous advantages for all people. These benefits serve a dual purpose: "to renew the body and spirit and inspire a passion for the land" . People seek out the wilderness for freedom, fun, reconnecting with oneself, rejuvenation, relaxation, simplicity, and solace. Outdoor recreation builds character by challenging the spirit and fostering self-sufficiency. On a universal level, the wilderness provides a sense of wonder and excitement, reestablishing man's bond with nature. People trek outdoors to gain knowledge of the world around them as well as feel connected to nature.
In agreement with the authors of the Wilderness Management textbook, the wilderness should be managed in a way as to provide a balance between recreational opportunities and the preservation of the natural ecology, with a heavy emphasis on the latter. A human-focused approach (anthropocentrism) implies that nonhumans are of no...

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...e above wilderness management policies. For instance, he midcentric approach means that the wilderness will be more wild, and more dangerous. However, these same policies are providing a valuable service by keeping the damage at controllable levels.
The wilderness is a great place for human recreation. Intrinsic health and wellness benefits become apparent when one recreates in the wild. Wilderness management currently takes a midcentric approach, allowing a balance between recreational activities and preserving these natural areas in the form of a stewardship. Because there is no one universal expectation or experience in the wild, wilderness managers must take human values about wilderness into consideration. This affects the wilderness resource in both positive and negative ways, by allowing some recreation, but keeping human impacts at manageable levels.

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