Our Country The Good Ole Usa Offers A Wide Range Of Diverse Options Essay

Our Country The Good Ole Usa Offers A Wide Range Of Diverse Options Essay

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As young people, continue growing up we would all like to know two things. Where we all come from? Also how did we get to where we are? Our country the good ole USA offers a wide range of diverse options. The beliefs of some may have the blood of kings and others the blood of peasants. This very subject could be something extraordinary. Which could be improvements of life; help the rights of oppress individuals and the freedom to explore the lives of the elite group of people who cultures are far greater than the average Joe. It would be interesting to find what made so many people partake in such activities and travel many miles for an unforeseen medical veered in a new direction. What compel these young individuals to survive with passion and desire to fulfill their destiny as a unique being? To accumulate the funds necessary to have this granted to them? As a young male having relatives and friends with many different traits from another, as for example eye color to skin tone. I would like to know the reason why? This group of super genetic people we now call Americans that continues to grow more in huge numbers of young gifted talented people. They are ready to follow the ones before them with the same good intensions, and be prepared for the uncertainties the future holds for them. The newly redesigned generation of males and females would make this world more powerful.
What were the characteristics of DNA Culture?
On any given day you cannot see a person that resembles a person from the restructure DNA culture. Many of these characteristics that they had many decades ago in the human culture still have in place today. We embrace these people like a Micheal Jordan and Micheal Jackson. As genetic ...

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...urrent practices in the fertility and biotech businesses there is a big indication, it won 't be hard to argue convincingly that researchers and practitioners are moving ahead recklessly, putting commercial and competitive considerations ahead of human well-being. The genetic and reproductive technologies that put designer babies on the near horizon open the door to "seizing control of human evolution." Arthur Caplan and as proponents of this "post-human" future openly acknowledge, since most designer children will be born to the well-off, the new technologies will significantly exacerbate socio-economic inequality. Bioethicist Arthur Caplan, for example, asserts that "it is simply a confusion to equate eugenics with any discussion of germline therapy."
As of right now the United States has neither federal law nor policy currently that forbids germline engineering.

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