The Other Side Of High School Essay

The Other Side Of High School Essay

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The Other Side Of High School
‘Welcome to Porter High School , home of the Spartans.’, part of the speech given to any new student that’s unfortunate to be enrolled in this institution. Spending four years in Porter High weren 't only bad but were horrendous. Even though, Porter High School was my first and only High school, I will never forget the scars it left me. I had emotional and social scars from tremendous troublesome experiences channeling my opinions in one direction from another. I preferred college over high school due to a number of factors including inadequate teaching, social injustice, and limited freedom.
The most prominent factor that made my experience at high school dreadful was the teachers. Instead of teaching and enhancing our learning experience some teachers at Porter High would act as if they were students and not teach us a single concept. For example, one day I walked into my classroom, and my teacher was watching a PG-13 movie. The movie was full of inappropriate words and my teacher said “ you wanna watch?”. Not only were his actions dissatisfactory, ...

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