Essay on Oscar Wilde 's Life And Writing Career

Essay on Oscar Wilde 's Life And Writing Career

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All throughout the countries there are individuals who have the fear of aging and becoming old. In “The Picture of Dorian Gray,” Dorian was terrified that his self-portrait would stay his young and beautiful self, while he himself became aged and wrinkled. With this fear, he wished that the painting would age while he stayed young. Consequently, his wish had came true but it turned out for the worst. Similar to Dorian, the individuals who do not want to face the lessening of beauty as he or she age, have the opportunity to undergo surgery. If he or she did undergo surgery there are multiple side effects that make it not worth doing. Evermore, one needs to overcome the fear of getting older because it is inevitable.

Background of the author
Oscar Wilde’s school life and writing career
Oscar Wilde was born on October 16, 1854 in Dublin Ireland (Oscar Wilde biography 1).
He had always been a very intelligent guy from when he was little to the day he passed away.
He attended the Portora Royal school at Enniskillen, Trinity college in Dublin, and Oxford college (Oscar Wilde biography 1).
In all of the schools that Wilde attended he would always receive multiple awards and scholarships.
Some of the awards and scholarships that he received was the Berkeley Gold Medal, the Royal Scholarship for Trinity college, the Demyship scholarship for Magdalen College, etc. (Oscar Wilde biography 1).
It was when he attended Oxford that he began creative writing (Oscar Wilde biography 1).
While still attending Oxford, Wilde won the Newdigate prize for “Ravenna” and when Wilde graduated Oxford he moved to London, England with his friend Frank (Oscar Wilde biography 2).
During his stay in London he continued writing poetry and had even...

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...elfish man
He finds trying to get Dorian to be something else a a puzzle.
He puts different thoughts into Dorian 's head to try and decieve him.
Basil Hallward
He believes in Dorian
Thinks that the rumors about him are untrue.
Finds out the hard way by getting himself killed, that they were true and he couldn’t help Dorian.
In the end, there are always going to be individuals who will have the fear of aging and becoming old. Even though there are many downsides to becoming old, the good outweighs the bad. When one becomes old he or she are able to watch their children grow up and see what they make of themselves. Dorian chose appearance and made himself become some kind of monster that he wasn’t and destroy his life. Therefore, letting life be what it is supposed to be will most likely turn out better than trying to change it to something it should not be.

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