Oscar Could Be Diagnosed With A Factitious Disorder ( Fd ) Essays

Oscar Could Be Diagnosed With A Factitious Disorder ( Fd ) Essays

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Oscar could be diagnosed with a factitious disorder (FD). He is likely to be diagnosed with this disorder because his recurring episodes (spells or seizures) only happen in social situations for attention. Oscar has a history with illnesses that suddenly disappear. The staff realized his episodes occurred only in group therapy, so he was restricted to the unit, a place alone, and Oscar stopped having “spells”. When Oscar returned to a public setting, the spells would reappear. Oscar’s episodes resemble a person having seizures, but when an electroencephalogram (EEG) was ordered, the EEG read nonspecific. This indicates his “spells” were most likely fabricated. Furthermore, the neurologist told Oscar that loss of bladder and bowel control happened with seizures, suddenly he was unable to control his bowel and bladder movements during his spells to associate with the identified deception. Oscar could possibly have a conversion disorder because he has a lack of concern towards his symptoms and the clinical findings were not compatible with his symptoms, but Oscar was never exposed to any stress that would convert his anxiety into physical symptoms. Also, illness anxiety can be ruled out because Oscar is not genuinely concerned about his health; he is more concerned about how his symptoms were presented to an audience to receive an internal reward.
Etiology FD tends to be correlated with a childhood history of abuse or neglect, but the exact cause is unknown (Burnel 2015). An individual with FD tends to inflict self-harm or fabricate symptoms to be hospitalized. Oscar’s estranged relationship with his...

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...ent (Feldman et al.). Oscar’s condition may worsen, even with offered treatment, mainly due to his intellectual ability and his failure to fully cooperate with the medical staff. Over the years, Oscar has convinced himself that something is wrong with him to maintain his stay at a hospital, so to eradicate his way of thinking, for over a decade, will be tedious work, however, manageable. If Oscar agrees to cooperate with the treatment, he can be placed in the hospital with limited attention from medical staff. This will help reduce any reinforcing consequences from his FD symptoms. Furthermore, his mother might not participate in family therapy for Oscar’s recovery, so if Oscar does show signs of progression, interactions with his mother may act as a catalyst for Oscar’s FD to resurface. Overall, Oscar will most likely be impaired by his FD for the rest of his life.

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