Organizational Development (OD) Essay

Organizational Development (OD) Essay

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Organizational development (OD) is an application or process of building a greater level of efficiency within the organization. OD develops the ongoing effort geared for long-term effects. OD works to help management and employees on a variety of levels. Organizational development is perhaps unequaled in its ability to meet any type of organization needs. However, the solutions developed from the role of OD may not be necessarily interchangeable with different organizations (Grant, 2010).
According to traditional theorists such as Fayol, Weber, and Taylor, a school of thought identifies a level of agreement in their view of organizational system implementation. These classical theorists indicate in their readings that there is perhaps a single most ideology in implementing an organizational structure (Schermerhorn, Hunt, & Osborn, 2002). However, in today’s paradigms, there are specialists whom develop techniques to deliver the perfect organizational systems. Many theorist beliefs are contrary to those of classical theorists.
In today’s organizational development, the implementation is as different as the personalities of those who regulated the various organizations Schermerhorn et al. (2002). Nevertheless, the new idea about OD implementation is perhaps fuel by the development of the contingency theory. The contingency theory is in direct contrast to the writings of the classical scholars, e.g. Taylor, Weber, and Fayol. However, in light of the contingency theory, other components give more understanding as to develop an organization that is more effective.
According to Olum (2004) Organizational, development has occurred since the time people organized to perform unified tasks. Without a management system, work...

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