The On The Twin Size Cot Essay

The On The Twin Size Cot Essay

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Charlie lay on the twin size cot in the tent that she had somehow gotten stuck sharing with Bass.

Rachel hadn’t been happy about it, but wanted to be with Miles too much to put up a fight, stringing Mosquito netting between the cots giving the illusion of separation and privacy.

Charlie had looked over at Bass, asking him silently what she had ever done to deserve a mother like Rachel Matheson.

Bass simply shrugged and offered her his flask.

She didn’t give it back.

So, here she lay, spread out on her cot on a sultry Texas evening, the tent flaps rolled up to reveal the dark netting, inviting any breeze that wanted to join her to do so as she attempted to read an old western novel that was making its way around camp.

The heat was getting to everyone and if you weren’t on duty, your only job was to stay cool and hydrated. Unfortunately, there weren’t many assignments to get them out of camp as they were in a holding pattern until Miles and his unit returned with word about the patriots movement near the former border between Texas and The Monroe Republic.

Bass had been damn near impossible to live with since being told that he was off the mission and Charlie was damn tired of being his metaphorical punching bag.

She was lost in thought, eyes closed, as she twirled a length of hair around her finger when the bark of his voice startled her. “What the hell are you wearing?”

Charlie jumped, her paperback falling to the floor as she cursed. “Well, hello to you too, General.”

She bent over the side of the cot to retrieve her book, the neckline of her thin tank top and rise of the cotton panties on her hip, showing just how little she was actually wearing.

“In case you hadn’t noticed, we live in Hell now, Bass. I’m wear...

... middle of paper ...

...small trickle of blood on her lip just before she arched her back, tilting her neck back to expose her throat to him. He took advantage of the exposed skin, burying his face there as her pussy contracted around his cock and he came buried inside her, his cock throbbing between every contraction.

When she finally untwisted her fingers from his hair, he rolled them to their side, angling her face so that he could see her bloody lip. Moving his lips towards her, he surprised her when he darted his tongue out, licking away all traces of the blood.

“Tomorrow, we’re going down to the river, just the two of us.”

“Why?” Charlie managed to gasp out as his fingers dipped into her sex, his thumb brushing against her clit, as he nibbled on her collarbone.

“Because, I wanna hear you scream.” He growled before capturing her mouth with his as she bucked underneath him.

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