Essay about On the Issues of Education, Healthcare and Drug Reform

Essay about On the Issues of Education, Healthcare and Drug Reform

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My main issues are education, healthcare, and drug reform. Education is important everywhere, children are our future and it starts with a good education. Another is Healthcare; everyone should have a chance for good healthcare. No one should be denied healthcare because of their job or how much they make. My last issue is drug reform; drugs can be good and bad based on how they are used.
Ken Cuccinelli believes all of Virginia’s children regardless of the color of their skin, where they live or how much money their parents make- deserve an opportunity to receive a world class education. In order to ensure all of our students have the best possible education, we must empower parents with the option to determine the best academic setting for their child’s education. A child shouldn’t have to go to a failing school or an unsafe school. Despite Virginia’s success on the whole, not every Virginia student has the opportunity to experience a quality education. There are many communities in Virginia where students are struggling to keep up with their peers around the state.
Ken thinks healthcare costs are continuing to balloon at an unsustainable rate, which not only hurts families, but also presents a significant challenge to our state government. He opposes the new healthcare reform and wants to change it to the way it used to be. He believes strongly that healthcare should be up the doctors or families not the government. Our healthcare system is bloated with rules and regulations that make health insurance more expensive and care less accessible. A reformed system would provide better care to Virginians, while at the same time saving taxpayer dollars.
Cuccunelli is open to all options says if we had to fight pot or meth he w...

... middle of paper ... to pick a kid up even if they live outside of the city limits. Every school should be required to become safer, update their security with new doors and locks and security systems. All schools should be free to go no matter what kind of school it is. Some of the tax money should go to sports and other activities. Parent’s tax money should be used for books, paper, and pencils.
We should legalize marijuana because it would be a great tax for Virginia, it would also help for jobs. Marijuana has not caused a death like other drugs; our drug reform should have better rules on pills, so that pills are not sold illegally. If you are caught with illegal drugs you should have to go to jail. We should focus on drugs that kill and cause long term damage. The punishment on selling illegal drugs should be worse, the harsher the punishment maybe less will do it.

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