The Omen: Forces of Nature Play a Very Important Role in Julius Caesar Essay

The Omen: Forces of Nature Play a Very Important Role in Julius Caesar Essay

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The Omen
Forces of nature play a very important role in Julius Caesar.
There is much attention paid to omens and nightmares and how they foreshadow Caesars death. The events that lead to the death of Julius Caesar are predicted by omens from multiple characters such as Calpurnia, Caesars wife, the Soothsayer, and a teacher, Artemidorus. The omens in the play were ignored by a majority of the main characters. Even though ignored, these omens appear even after Caesars death to show the guilt-ridden nature of the conspirators. Hence, the play Julius Caesar shows that there is always a relationship between omens and nature in everyday life and this affects those who believe in them. Some people rely on omens to show them how to live their life, and what to do with it. Never less, whatever happens in society or nature is portrayed by omens supernatural beings, which is how they are related.
In the play Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare and many other plays he has written, omens and supernatural events play a very large part.
This play in particular has many omens, interpreted or not, and they foreshadow Julius Caesars death. In the beginning of the play, the Soothsayer warns Caesar that he should “Beware the ides of March” (I.ii.18) The Ides of March is the 15th day in the month, the exact day Caesar is killed. The Soothsayer was an important character because he tries to warn Caesar one last time on the 15th, but he is also ignored. The first time he states this, Caesar responds with “He is a dreamer; let us leave him. Pass” (I.ii.24) The next time he says “The ides of March are come” (III.i.1). The first time ignored what the Soothsayer said and carried on, and the second time when he notices that it is the ide of March, ...

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...ed to do.
There are many examples of how the forces of omens and the supernatural show that they play many important parts in this play. They have been shown all through the play and work towards foreshadowing the death of Julius Caesar because of the interpretation and misinterpretation of these many omens and forces of nature. After the death of Caesar, omens were the result of what made the conspirators feel guilt and sorrow, even though Caesar died. Omens and the supernatural also scare many characters and sometimes gave false hope or false truth, but the people believed them so it didn’t matter. Many of the Romans believed in these kinds of things, but come to think of it, omens, super naturals and false gods didn’t have any real impact and were really figments of their imagination. The omens made decisions that they should have made themselves using logic.

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