Essay about Old Forms Of Advertisements

Essay about Old Forms Of Advertisements

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Old forms of advertisements
Companies, firms, and entrepreneurs promote their products or services through advertisements. The purpose of the advertisements is to make the products appealing to the consumers. They were first printed in the late nineteenth century and have been popular ever since. Advertisements are viewed by millions of people around the world and portray a deeper meaning than their initial purpose. During the nineteenth century, women had few rights and less freedom. Men were expected to work while the woman stayed at home, to cook and clean. Men lived more social and public lives than women were allowed to. The advertisements printed were demeaning towards women and portrayed them as inferior individuals. Society deemed this to be acceptable because of the sexist situations occurring during the nineteenth century. It was not considered acceptable for women to speak up and stand up for themselves. The older forms of advertisements display negative connotations towards women; they are often insulting, degrading, and humiliating.
The first form of old advertisement is for Van Heusen ties. It shows a young, blonde woman in a large, orange robe kneeling at her husband 's bedside. She is holding a tray full of food, while her husband, dressed in proper attire, is relaxed and reclined on the bed. He has both his arms around his head and looks very pleased. The top of the advertisement states, “show her it 's a man’s world”. This image directly portrays women inferiorly when it states that it is a “man 's world”, and even shows the women as a slave to her husband. The deeper meaning behind this advertisement is that if a man purchases the tie, then the women will be enticed by it; she will then obey all commands and...

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...n through a negative view. The ads were meant to be appealing to an all male audience because they were the ones purchasing the products. Society deemed these ads acceptable because women had few if, any rights then and were not able to stand up for themselves. These advertisements depict women inferiorly. Oppression of women began even before advertisements came out; however, advertisements supported and encouraged the unruly treatment of women. Advertisements are stereotypical, and show that all women were made to do was cook, clean, and please her husband. To any women, this is offensive and inappropriate. Millions of advertisements were printed and distributed over vast areas; they emphasized and spread the sexist attitudes towards women. Instead of promoting the products and services, older forms of advertisements promoted the offensive treatment towards women.

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