Oedipus The One With The Swollen Foot Essay

Oedipus The One With The Swollen Foot Essay

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First and foremost, Oedipus is the one with the swollen foot. His biological father tried to kill him at birth because the Oracle said: “your son will grow up to kill you and marry his mother.” (Sophocles) Laius assumed his only way out was to get rid of the problem before it came to the surface. Oedipus did not die so the prophecy could still be justified in the future. Oedipus discovered his parents were not his actual parents. He sought to locate his real parents, but the Oracle told him the prophecy that will transpire. Oedipus ran away from his adopted parents trying not to murder his adopted father, yet killed his real father. Do you think if he was not going searching for his parents that the prophecy would not have been fulfilled? I believe he would have been in Corinth with his adoptive parents living lavishly with no thought of his real parents; therefore, he would not have been able to kill his father or marry his mother. For a better understanding, I summarized the story leading up to the knowledge of the murderer. Ironically, it was right under his nose.
Oedipus was the ...

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