Oedipus Fatherhood

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The issue of fatherhood is extremely relevant both in the play Oedipus Rex and the play Fences by August Wilson. Oedipus struggles with realizing who his father is and whether he will ever be there for him. He doesn’t know his father so doesn’t have a normal father son relationship. Troy seems to be in his children’s life but very minimally. The importance of having a father for a son deeply effects whether that son will be successful, happy, and responsible in their life. Oedipus struggles to find out who is father is and what he does, but this internal struggle will allow Oedipus to build his own future and life. Oedipus’s situation is unique because he believes one person is his actual father, when in reality he is someone else. Both of them play different roles in his life and shape him into the man he makes himself. Oedipus essentially has three father figures which differs from the one father figure in Fences whose name is Troy. Oedipus’s real father, Laius is immediately regarded as an irresponsible father figure who doesn’t care about his child’s life. He leaves him in the wilderness for the wild to take his life because he doesn’t to want to take care of him and the oracle predicted his son would grow up and kill him. This leads Oedipus to struggle mightily through his life to reach power without knowing who his father is or getting support from him. Laius could have saved Oedipus from numerous difficulties and horrible mistakes throughout his life but he doesn’t and as a result Oedipus makes terrible decisions that will affect his life in a negative way forever. As a result of Laius leaving his son in the wild to fend for himself, he leaves the opportunity for another father figure to appear. The shepherd com...

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...nately both Cory and Oedipus make it of their ordeals alive, but they are both mightily scarred for life. Oedipus physically loses both of his eyes once he finds out what he done to his real father and mother. If any of his other father figures had informed him who he was, that wouldn’t have happened. Cory has to deal with never being able to see his father again and also knowing that his father died without them reconciling their relationship. However a minor difference for Cory rather than Oedipus is he gets to sing for his father at his funeral in the end. This gives the audience hope that Cory is willing to forgive his father for what he has done. The importance of having a good father sometimes is overlooked in society; they can shape their children into good people or bad or not be there at all for them which could result in a terrible life for their children.
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