The Odyssey : A Story Of The Struggles Essay

The Odyssey : A Story Of The Struggles Essay

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The Odyssey is a story of the struggles of one Greek hero, Odysseus, who had to battle many gravital obstacles, whether created by the Gods or natural issues in order to return home. He is on his way back to Ithaca after being gone for 20 years, without his gilded kingdom. The first ten years he spent fighting in the Trojan War and the last ten years trying to travel home after encountering many difficulties along the way. Odysseus was the king of Ithaca who was married to a beautiful, smart wife Penelopeia and had teenage son Telemachus.
First he was being held prisoner by a beautiful sea goddess, Calypso, who wanted to keep him all to herself as her husband. Another sea god, Poseidon, harbored a lasting grudge and an unrelenting hatred that swayed other gods and goddesses to continue to keep Odysseus from returning home. Odysseus had insolence behavior towards many of the gods. Once Poseidon was gone for an extended trip, the Greek goddess Athena, who took a liking to Odysseus, tries convince her father Zeus and other immortals and gods to be understandable towards Odysseus predicament and allow Odysseus to be set free to attempt to make a difficult journey home.
Meanwhile back in Ithaca, Odysseus’s wife, Penelopeia has a source of vexation to the selfish men hovering for a position to become her husband. Penelopeia is holding out as long as she can in hopes that her husband is still alive. She refuses to marry until her weaving of a burial shroud is complete, which she is secretly undoing every night to give herself more time. Eventually this is discovered and these men begin to demand that Penelopeia picks a husband. Odysseus’s teenage son, Telemachus, is prudent but yet still tries to defend his mother or himself and i...

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...real bow and explains that whichever man can string this bow and shoot an arrow through twelve axes may win her hand in marriage. Odysseus confides in his loyal servant, and they get the bow in his possession without Penelopeia knowing. They arm and ready themselves for the chaos to follow once Odysseus true identity is revealed. Odysseus performs the task quickly and flawlessly and begins taking out his enemies and suitor’s beginning with Antinous.. Odysseus later reveals his identity to his father at his father’s home and shortly thereafter, many people arrive armed and ready to battle to defend the slayed suitor’s and their families. Athena intervenes again, preventing any bloodshed from occurring. Odysseus patiently waits for his ascendancy to take back his kingdom, and waits for his ardor to cool off. Penlopeia and Odysseus rejoice, creating a happy-sad moment.

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