Oceans: The Importance of Preserving this Delicate Marine Environment Essay

Oceans: The Importance of Preserving this Delicate Marine Environment Essay

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The Oceans are the most diverse biomes in the world, for they cover 71% of the planet. Life in the ocean evolved 3 billion years prior than land, and it still has over ¾ of all the habitats on Earth. Humans have always posed threats to the delicate marine environment, yet it still is thriving. Without the marine biome humans and other animals alike would not be in existence, for evolution of the first life would never have occurred, and we would not have a strong enough atmosphere to support life.

The geography of the ocean varies greatly all the way from the deep Abyssal Plain, to the shallow waters of Coral Reefs. The Ocean is divided into four different zones/sub zones, the Euphotic, Bathyal, Abyssal, Hadal, and Andaphotic. These zones vary in depth from about 0 meters to 6000+ meters. The deepest point in the Ocean is about 35,000 feet deep, and it is located in the Hadal zone. The Ocean has many resources, which include, sand, gravel, manganese, petroleum, copper, iron, nickel, and cobalt.

The water depth of the Ocean varies from sea level (0ft) to about 35,000ft.
In the Ocean, the water has a certain current around land, and the current occasionally changes, based on the weather. For example, el niño affects the Ocean by the spreading of warm water from the West Pacific and the Indian Ocean to the East Pacific. The salinity of the Ocean is about 3.5%, therefore in every kilogram/litre there is 35 grams of salt. The density of seawater is approximately 1.025g/ml, and with a salinity level of 35g/L seawater freezes at approximately 28.4ºF.

The species Persicaria hydropiper is a native plant found in areas of Europe, and it is commonly referred to as water-pepper. Persicaria hydropip...

... middle of paper ...

.../Clownfish>. I used this source to
obtain information about clownfish and symbiotic relationships between
clownfish and anemones
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. This source was
used to obtain information about the endangered species part of the essay.

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