Occupational Therapy : A Career Choice I Fell Into Essay

Occupational Therapy : A Career Choice I Fell Into Essay

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Occupational therapy was a career choice I fell into. When I first arrived to Keiser University back in 2009 I was going to apply for the physical therapy assistant program. Physical and speech therapy where the only therapeutic disciplines I had any knowledge of at that time. When I met with the admissions counselor she informed me the waiting list for the PTA program was about two years, I was floored I wasn’t going to wait that long I needed to start school ASAP. The counselor then asked me “ what is your goal?” and my response was “to work with children in the medical field without being too medically involved”. She then handed me an occupational therapy pamphlet and I just signed the paper work to start that month. I honestly had no idea what I was getting myself into. After I started my core classes I came to realized I made the best decision, and after I started working I was reassure this field was for me. Occupational therapy is by far the best of all three disciplines (occupational, physical, and speech therapy). Ms. Wood’s description of occupational therapy being an art and a science is precise.
What it means to me?
Occupational therapy is a diverse field that can incorporate, art, science, and naturalistic approaches to help its clients. I concur with Ms. Wood and her portrayal of occupational therapy as an art and science. As an occupational therapy practitioner I’m encouraged to treat my client as an individual not a diagnosis; which humanizes them (Wood, 1995). I am taught the physical and mental anatomy of my clients to be able to understand their deficits and help overcome them with scientific methodologies. As an occupational therapy practitioner I am also given the opportunity to get emotionally ...

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...t to help create opportunities in the canvas of our client’s lives. Making this field the perfect combination of threads.


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