Essay about Observations Of A Young Child 's Behavior

Essay about Observations Of A Young Child 's Behavior

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Observations of a young child’s behavior have seen to be beneficial to the observer because it allows the observer to determine what that specific child is interested in and how they react to certain situations. For my observations I observed two children who were both the age of three, one being a boy and the other a girl. One interesting fact about the little boy is that he is autistic and that these children happen to be cousins. This observation was made during a huge family get together and there were other toddlers present as well, however I’m only focusing on the young boy and girl. While observing the little girl for the first part of my observation there were quite a few characteristics that stood out to me. One of those being that she happens to be very independent and does not enjoy being helped, in fact, she tends to become very upset when one tries to assist her. For example, when it came time to eat, she refused help from her father when he attempted to feed her. She kept repeating “No! I can do it. I can do it daddy.”, as well she kept tilting her head away so he wouldn’t be able to feed her. Another observation I viewed would be how she prefered to be in control of certain situations. Throughout the time I observed her, she would tell her cousins what to do and what they should play. An interesting observation that stood out to me was that out of all her cousins she was very protective of her cousin who is autistic. When a certain adult would approach him and attempt to talk to him or do something with him she would become very attentive of him, also if she knew he was uncomfortable she would speak up and say “No. He doesn’t like that.” One more thing that was quite interesting of their relationship is that even th...

... middle of paper ... what to do. Even though he’s three just like his cousin, his autism has slowed down some of his cognitive development. This is also seen in the way he communicates because although his cousin is quite talkative, he hasn’t been able to talk yet. By using Piaget’s theory of cognitive development one can see how the child uses accommodation to communicate, since he can not speak yet. In order for him to communicate with others he point or uses hand gestures to express himself and by making certain sounds as well. Overall, these are just some examples that I viewed that connected to what I’ve learned in class so far. Doing this observation over children it has given me a new insight on how children express themselves and better understanding of who they are. That children are quite more intelligent than we think they are and we can learn quite of few things from them.

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