Essay on Obesity Has Made The Cost Of Health Care

Essay on Obesity Has Made The Cost Of Health Care

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Obesity has made the cost of health care in North America to be very expensive. Obesity especially in young children has many negative effects to the health and economy of North America. In the text book Invitation to The Life Span by Kathleen S Berger, It is clearly pointed out that seventeen percent of children between two years old to nineteen years old are obese. S. Berger has pointed physiological results that correlate with premature aging process associated with obese children bodies. The physiological results affects the liver, heart and hormone production.
The entire physiology is messed up when children are obese. In an obese child fat accumulates around the liver, which impairs the functions of the liver in the body like that of a heavy drinker of alcohol. The fat tissues around the liver cause damage on the liver tissue which can lead to liver cirrhosis. Liver cirrhosis makes it difficult for the liver to perform its functions in the body properly. Another physiological problem in obese children is heart disease. In obese children fats are not digested properly and they end up accumulating in the blood vessels. When fats accumulate in the blood vessels, the vessels become narrow. Narrow blood vessels can lead to hypertension in children which may also lead to stroke. Another physiological problem is hormone production. The bodies of obese children tend to mature fast making them start to produce sex hormones when internal organs are not ready for them. Because of more adipose tissue sex organs begin to mature earlier and puberty occurs before or at age ten.
In the magazine Young kids, old bodies, the writer has pointed programs used to address the issue of obese in children. The first strategy is prescription medicine ...

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... should make sure they are neither smoking, nor drinking when they are pregnant. They should breast-feed children for a year or more especially if they come from families with a history of childhood obesity. Parents should encourage children to participate in light house old chores because the chores act as a physical activity.
The government has a role too to play to ensure its citizens are health. In United States where food is provided in schools and day care, the government should ensure the meals served are healthy. It should conduct research, identify foods that are known to cause obesity in children and ban them from being served in schools and daycares. The government has a role to set standards in which every school school meet for it to be allowed to operate. Schools should be well ventilate, and located in an environment that is save from harmful chemicals.

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