Essay on Obama the Marxist

Essay on Obama the Marxist

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In which philosophical form of government does Barack Obama believe? That has been one of the on-going debates since he burst upon the national political scene a scant four years ago.
Political observers noted he was the most liberal member of the United States Senate and many believed he was a radical left-wing zealot if not an ideological revolutionary. The terms socialist, progressive, and Marxist were generally thrown about to describe the eloquent, little-known Obama as his unlikely quest for the presidency unfolded.
After three years in office, it is evident to all but his most ardent supporters that the President of the United States is a strident Marxist. His forceful policies, actions, and thunderous attacks on freedom are straight from the writings of Karl Marx. The evils of Capitalism, state control of business, redistributive change to achieve social justice, and the diminishing of personal, economic and property rights are among the daily rants from Obama and his administration.
Marx believed in socialism and that communism would eventually follow. He argued that social theorists and underprivileged people should topple capitalism and bring about socio-economic change. This is the ‘change we can believe in’ touted by Obama.
To achieve these goals a good Marxist builds a totalitarian government using his strongest pillar, class warfare. Obama spends every waking moment in and out of the Oval Office injecting another dose of collectivism and government dependency. Not a day passes and not a speech airs that the President fails to spew his poisonous hatred toward the successful, financially secure members of American society. It is unimportant to Obama these people create the jobs that support the nation and the gove...

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...eassures the country that freedom is a failure and that he is working for our own good.
The antidote to liberty is as it has always been, coax more and more people into ceding their freedom for a promise of security and comfort. It is through this portal that the masses will pass on their way to complete enslavement. Barack Obama understands fully the deceit, organization, and propaganda necessary to complete the ‘transformation’ of a once proud, independent, and powerful nation into one of whining beggars subservient to a Master State.
Government and dictators grow by devouring the rights of its citizens. Either the people hold power or the government holds power, and our Constitution very clearly places all power in the hands of the people. Without a doubt, Barack Obama is hell-bent on usurping that power. Given another five years, he very likely will succeed.

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