Obama Needs For A Grip On The Economy Essay

Obama Needs For A Grip On The Economy Essay

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An editorial that is titled “Obama needs to get a grip on the Economy” that appeared in the U.S. News Digital Weekly on August 26, 2011. The editorial goes on to tell us on how our president Barack Obama lacks the leadership when it comes to the economy. This editorial specifically focuses on his failure to handle our economic issues. The author goes on to talk about how Obama lacks the ability to handle our economy. In which supports his claim by explaining how the economy has not shown in the job loss rates. It is also noted with public and their lack of confidence with the President with the country’s economic issues. He also notes how the calls for structure with the development to sustain the growth.
The author also goes on to state that since Obama was set to speak at 1p.m. and didn’t arrive till 1:45p.m., indicates that he wasn’t ready to speak and went on to say that this shows the uncertainty with our President that it trickles on down to how he handles the crisis with our economy. The author quotes Obama speech where he is talking about how as a country and I quote “We’ve always been and always will be a triple-A country”. He also goes on to compare this statement to Franklin’s D. Roosevelt speech and quoted, “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself’, with his Depression Inaugural address. And misconstrued those words that there isn’t enough attention that is given to such a huge impacting situation which is now reflecting on our stock market.
According to the author and while Obama has been in presidency the people have less full-time jobs, the only growth has been with part-time jobs. Since the priority hasn’t been placed on the economy it only continues to decline. But even despite the small increase in job...

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...l the accomplishments Obama has out in place. I will only mention the top ten. Those changes are: 1. Passed the Stimulus package, which brought down unemployment rates and created jobs. 2. Kicked out Private Companies out of Federal Student Loan Programs, Expanded Pell Grant Programs, which made it much easier for student who get a student loan they get it from the federal government directly, which allows funds for low-income students. 4. Race to the top which are programs that were created for competitive grants to encourage and reward states for education reform. 5. Passes mini Stimuli which allowed for measures to extend unemployment insurance and cut payroll taxes. Now that I have named only a few accomplishments this obviously shows positive change and taking initiatives to implement change and provide ways to people for a better life for generations to come.

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