Obama Admininstration Making a Difference with International Trade Especially with Fiji

Obama Admininstration Making a Difference with International Trade Especially with Fiji

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Regaining economic strength should be a geopolitical priority where trade is not a subordinate of national-security but is national security,” Clyde Prestowitz.
In his personal statement of 7th October 2010 to mark the 40th anniversary of Fiji’s Independence, US President Barrack Obama, affirmed his support for the Fiji Government by stating, “The people of our nations enjoy a friendship founded on the mutual commitments of our societies to peace, freedom, rule of law and democratic ideals." And declared, “I am confident that we will build ever closer ties between our countries.” Ironically though, Prime Minister Bainimarama chose to celebrate Fiji’s 40th Anniversary of Independence attending the World Expo in Shanghai engaging, with new friend China where he stated that since Fiji lost out to Australia, New Zealand and America, in terms of much needed aid for infrastructure, water and electricity. China stepped in and provided the aid for these projects. My argument follows that the Obama administration has made a difference to US-Fiji relations in differentiating itself from the isolationist policies portrayed against Fiji by its traditional allies and some international organizations. In terms of its foreign policy, and what can be seen as a geopolitical move, the United States is rebalancing its shift towards the Asia-Pacific region where military, political, trade and investment will be priorities. Although United States National Security advisor, Donilon insists this is not a containment of China, the proverbial outlook is that the central factor driving President Obama’s pivot back to the Asia-Pacific region with the redeployment of American priorities and military forces away from Europe and the Middle East to Asia i...

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... reassessment of national security and geopolitical priorities where the decline of U.S. influence in Asia is not the outcome of lacking in military power and presence but the eroding competitiveness. To this effect USAID has opened up trade, investment opportunities in Fiji and its regional partners including climate change projects that in the future would lead to sustaining trade and employment of the American people.
Influence of Obama’s Pacific Pivot on Fiji’s ‘Look North Policy’
The Pacific pivot would be the counterweight against the ‘The Look North Policy’, where China has become a major aid donor and Russia is supporting Fiji’s peacekeeping in the United Nations. The influence has only brought about a balancing of old and new partnerships, where the United States and traditional allies are no longer hegemonic interests in Fiji’s foreign policy. With global

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