Nutrition Intake And The Food Source That I Went Well Over 90 % Essay

Nutrition Intake And The Food Source That I Went Well Over 90 % Essay

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A. For the major part, I did average on “My Plate Tracker,” the food source that I went well over 75% was my protein intake. One pattern that I saw consistent was my grain intake being always under 75% and my dairy intake being almost none-existent, while my vegetable and fruits always being the lowest. I also noticed that my dairy intake may be affecting my performance as it is the lowest and I should reconsider my intake as it plays an important role in bone structure.
B. In the, “My Plate” assignment my calorie intake was always below the recommended amount of calories. Also, there is an uneven amount of caloric intake between my lunch and dinner time. Therefore, the most caloric intake I receive is from my lunch and dinner and the least caloric intake I received was at breakfast. And so, the reason for this is in part due to me working in the evening until 12:00AM and so this is the time where my body needs the most caloric intake for me to do my functions at work. I consumed the least at breakfast time because I am usually sleeping and don’t eat until the afternoon before I head out to work. I did notice a difference between my caloric intake between the weekday and weekend, this being a higher intake during the weekday and low in the weekend; the difference is directly affected by the work environment being more hectic during the weekday and a slower pace during the weekend.
C. There is a vast difference between the amount of sugars, saturated fats, and sodium that I am consuming between these days. In my charts the weekdays show the highest consumption of sodium and my sugar intake being low and high in two different weekdays. I believe the reason is that my intake was higher on Friday because ...

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...r easy to use and very self-explanatory to use. I believe there are a lot of benefits in using this method as opposed to any other site, for instance, I paid for a eating plan in a local gym before and they were both similar. I found it to be affordable to use the site because the local gym charged me a fee to track my eating habits as opposed to the website being free of charge. I think there should be a change made in my plate track system. One being the obnoxious typing of every individual food item, instead they should have a database of food entries the number of calories it contains. Another thing that can improve the experience of this system is if they make a mobile application for this for people without access to a computer. Most people now a days don’t use computers and so it’s a loss if only a few people access it in their computer as opposed to everyone.

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