Essay about Nursing And Start The Occupational Therapy Program

Essay about Nursing And Start The Occupational Therapy Program

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I have known from a young age that I wanted to help people, and since then I have searched for the opportunity and knowledge to be able to do just that. On that note, seeing the joy on my uncle’s face, after losing both of his legs and having to learn to walk again with prosthesis’s was so uplifting for me, to witness him so happy even though I wasn’t involved with his healing process. Consequently, I could only imagine how good it would feel to know that I helped him regain his independence and return a smile to his face. That was when I realized that I wanted to give back to people that are in need of assistance. These individuals may not be able to do anything about the position they are in, Hence when I become an Occupational therapist; I will posses the knowledge and the skills to help them improve their situation.
My first short-term goal is to be accepted into graduate school and start the Occupational therapy program. During this time I will continue to work as a nursing assistant as well as a pharmacy technician with Fairview Health helping individuals in any way that I can. While I am researching the program I will strive to absorb as much as I can about Occupational therapy and ultimately start my career as an occupational therapist. Ideally my plan is to accomplish my short-term goals within a three year time frame.
My long-term goal is to work as an Occupational therapist and constantly improve the lives of the patients I work with. As I continue my career as an therapist I will be constantly improving upon my skills and education. I believe Occupational therapy is the career that will help me fulfill my short term and long-term goals. It will also help me achieve my ongoing desire to interact and improve the quali...

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...unnecessary risks. This is another Instance where those who have not worked as a nursing assistant, gaining experience working with the elderly, memory care patients, or those with mental challenges, might not necessarily think of the different accommodations or ways that these individuals need to be cared for.
In conclusion I could go on and on and about myself to fill up the rest of the space you have provided me, but I do not think that that is necessary. I know I would do great at your school and I think I could contribute a lot to the classroom and to the group of students I will be learning along side. I believe my experience as a pharmacy technician, a nursing assistant and my background in prosthetics and orthotics would make me a perfect candidate for you Occupational Therapy program. I know I will get past any challenge that comes my way and I will succeed.

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