A Career As A Physical Therapy

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Being a young adult, I am continually thinking about my future. Throughout high school, I had been reminded daily to start planning my future, which meant determining a career path for myself. In the hope that I could decide on a career, I began thinking about my motivations and aspirations. Because of both my desire to help others and my strong interest in medicine, I had decided to pursue a career in health care. A career in health care had always interested me, as I wanted to gain knowledge of medicine while also being able to help those in need. One career that would allow me to exercise both these things is a physical therapist. Physical therapists are known for their passion and capability to rehabilitate others, which is…show more content…
By evaluating an individual, a physical therapist can create a treatment plan that will suit the patient’s needs. Physical therapists can also decrease a patient’s need for medication, and sometimes even diminish the need for surgical procedures (American Physical Therapy Association…[updated 2015]). These therapists often carry out important roles in patients’ lives. This role includes allowing a person to regain his or her strength and independence after suffering from an illness or…show more content…
It can be fulfilling both emotionally and financially, as the typical entry-level salary is around $69,620 (Best Health Care Jobs 2017). While this may sound motivating to many pre-PT students, it was not enough motivation for me. Earlier this year I was very interested in becoming a physical therapist; however, I realized I was not passionate enough. Becoming a PT requires taking many science prerequisites, and unfortunately I struggle immensely with that subject. Because of my struggle in these courses, I became very discouraged when reflecting my career path. Consequently, I became disappointed because I still desired a career in health

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