Essay about Nursing: A Stable Career

Essay about Nursing: A Stable Career

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Historically, the nursing field is one that has consistent positive job outlooks, as there is typically a continued shortage. Healthcare is the backbone of most communities, not just for its services, but also for the jobs it provides and the economy stimulation. Jill Bernstein, author for “Changes in Health Care Financing and Organization” states, “The health care industry is a critical component of the national, and most regional and local economies of the United States” (4). The nursing field has suffered challenges due to the economic, social, and the political downturn of the U.S. Nevertheless, there is still some noticeable growth taking place and opportunities available. This shows encouraging signs for new nursing graduates.
The economy has produced some challenges for the nursing field. With the unemployment rate so inflated, it has left many Americans either uninsured or underinsured. This directly affects those working in the healthcare field. Bernstein, reported “The American Hospital Association 2009 survey of community hospitals found that 9 in 10 had made some cuts in response to economic concerns, including reducing staff, administrative expenses, or reducing services” (4). Bernstein added that doctors are finding the amount of patients with unpaid bills has increased as well as seeing a decrease in patient load (4). Both of those decrease the amount of money allocated for nurses pay, resulting in reduced hours, pay, or benefits. Individuals without insurance coverage tend to put off elective procedures or put non-emergency procedures on hold until their economic status improves. Specialists are seeing a decline in patient load because often, insurance co-pays and deductibles are more expensive for th...

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