Nuclear Weapon And Nuclear Weapons Essay

Nuclear Weapon And Nuclear Weapons Essay

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Furthermore, as much as Japan has been concerned the security issues to the world for past decade, states like China also felt threat by building stronger Japanese military. Once state use nuclear weapon it only get harder to stop them because nuclear weapon only escalate the threat to other states and give them more credibility such as you can prevent what you do not want other state to do. Also, nuclear weapon can put states into extremely dangerous position. Only way to win the nuclear war is the one state to be the first strike . But, to get away from this situation is assert second strike that even first attack second state are still able to attack them back which will most likely end up the worst result of all. The developing nuclear weapon can also leads to prison’s dilemma where no one can controls state to have them. Realist states that although a state only wants to increase the security and protect to develop the nuclear weapons, the fact is that state does not really know who actually has nuclear weapon or not. Additionally, Security dilemma has also been a critical issue to nuclear weapon. North Korea tested their missile in 1998and has launched near the Japan in the Pacific Ocean. Not only the U.S. pressure to build military but also the North Korea missile flew approximately 1,320 km over has shown significant unsafe issue and reconsideration to policy makers.
However, Japanese government advocates three non-nuclear principles of not possessing, producing, or permitting the introduction of nuclear weapons into Japanese territory , China’s main concern is that Japan to develop the nuclear weapons. Many scholars claimed that since Japan is huge nuclear dependency states, Japan has basic facilities to manufacture n...

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...p threating many states around the world. Some scholar concluded that North Korea is still insecure about their nuclear weapons yet, others would predicted that no one can predict what North Korea would do thus states around North Korea should extra should cautious to protect their own peace.
In conclusion, contributing Japanese military required mainly affected because of North Korea’s missile and nuclear programs as well as China’s gradual rise of economic and military power. Situation like surrounding by nuclear weapons owner states inevitably causes other states to seek to better protecting from security risks and influence in advance. Moreover, Prime minister Abe has been visiting other country to negotiate to be a partnership giving the decline of the U.S. hegemony. Asia’s security issue has only arise and become more instable and difficult to under controls.

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