Nuclear Technology And Nuclear Weapons Essay

Nuclear Technology And Nuclear Weapons Essay

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Nuclear industry has a very important role in national defense. Nuclear weapon are far more destructive than common weapons, and they create radioactive pollution, which has a long term, serious consequence to the environment and ecology. Based on these traits, the nuclear weapon became the fundamental of some country’s militaristic tactics, like the US’ containment strategy, massive retaliation strategy, or nuclear threatening. These are all based on their strong nuclear technology; many countries in the world view the nuclear technology and nuclear industry as their top priority.
The nuclear industry also has some extremely important applications in the economy in the country. In the early stages, nuclear industry is used exclusively for military use, but it is leaning more toward everyday life, like producing energy. Compared to organic fuels, nuclear fuel produces much more heat (these will create 2.6 million times heat than fossil fuels if they have the same mass); their cost to store and transport is much cheaper. Therefore, the area in which the reactor is being built is not limited by the geographic location, which means it can provide fuel for areas which do not have access to fuel or water power, and it is also useful for providing power for long-distance vessels. Nuclear power plants also produces far less pollution than normal fossil fuel power plants and it is very environment-friendly. In some countries or regions, nuclear power are already as important as fossil fuel. Coal, oil, natural gas and water resources are limited, and human’s demand for energy is increasing, therefore, nuclear power is a very important resource. Paying full attention to the nuclear power has become a main trend in the world. At the end of...

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...more complete level of knowledge, and will also improve the overall quality, which promotes the development of the nuclear industry. In the new journey, it is required that the researchers will have a highly responsible attitude toward the country and the people, they will always establish a "safety first, quality first" ideology, ensure nuclear safety foolproof, and let the country and the citizens be completely satisfied, and the nuclear industry will have an even brighter future.

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