Essay on Nuclear Power And Nuclear Control

Essay on Nuclear Power And Nuclear Control

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Many believe that nuclear power plants are a hazard to the people that live around them and the environment in which they are built. However, these assumptions are based mostly on the fact that the nuclear reactors and nuclear power plants of today are built to the same standards that the old nuclear plants from many years ago. Nuclear power today is designed to be much safer than outdated nuclear power plants and have a very minimal chance of causing a nuclear catastrophe. Nuclear power plants are a safe and viable option for generating electricity for the foreseeable future.

One of the most common misconceptions about nuclear energy is that a nuclear power plant could explode like a nuclear bomb and cause a massive nuclear incident. This is simply not true. Nuclear bombs require a very concentrated type of uranium that is not used to power a nuclear reactor. The uranium that is found in a nuclear power plant is thirty to ninety times too dilute to explode like a nuclear bomb (Uranium Myth). This type of nuclear material, also known as U-235, is too diluted by other materials in the nuclear reactor to be volatile. Even if U-235 wasn’t diluted, the uranium would have to be transformed into a highly unstable and unnatural version of the original metal to be used as the primary ingredient in a nuclear bomb. This completely eliminates the possibility of a nuclear power plant going up in a nuclear explosion.

Another misconception of today’s nuclear power plants is that they could meltdown and cause a nuclear disaster that is similar to the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl. Chernobyl’s nuclear disaster was due to the woefully inadequate design deficiencies of Soviet nuclear plants at the time, the absence of a safety code or practic...

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...t major countries. This is preferred to disposing of the waste in space because of the high costs of shooting this excess nuclear waste into space. These disposal methods effectively rule out the argument that nuclear waste is a valid reason why nuclear power plants should not be used today.

Nuclear power plants are used around the globe to generate electricity for most countries. These plants are being constantly updated with new safety procedures and containment protocols to prevent any type of nuclear accidents from occurring. These power plants generate a good percentage of our electricity and cannot be easily replaced. It would also be very expensive to replace these plants with a new source of energy that is just as effective. Nuclear power plants should continue to be used until a better, more renewable source of energy is found that is also cost effective.

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