The Notion Behind Loving Someone Essay

The Notion Behind Loving Someone Essay

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The notion behind loving someone is simply a very complicated and esoteric in nature. People often describe a certain chemistry, as in a certain attraction, needed between two individuals who are in love but Barbara Fredrickson is able to coordinate the definition of love on the basis of chemicals. Barbara Fredrickson is able to provide the definition of love on the deductive reasoning based on chemistry, biology, and neurology explained in Love 2.0: How our Supreme Emotion Affects Everything we Feel, Think, Do, and Become. As Barbara explains "With each micro-moment of love, then, you climb another rung on the spiraling ladder that lifts you up to your higher ground, to richer and more compassionate social relationships, to greater resilience and wisdom, and to better physical health.” (121). Though her reasoning is resolute, Fredrickson was oblivious to the contrary perspective that the simple truth of love will redefine it and its consequences in a negative demeanor.
Though it may seem as if only the socially accepted definition of love has been altered, the access to new knowledge about the functioning of love on a scientific basis has managed to alter the impact that love has. "Love can affect you so deeply that it reshapes you from the inside out and by doing so alters you destiny for future loving moments" says Fredrickson but she seems to have forgotten that there always two perspectives to any ideology. It is indubitable that the experiences of love play a crucial role in molding an individual, but it is ignorant to say that only love will cause such change. The reality is that not all relationships and encounters are true "micro-moment of love" and those negative experiences also partake in what creates the identit...

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...often times such relationship end in shambles, and the reality is that blind love and oxytocin have much in common, the pretentious trust and disastrous conclusion.
Fredrickson says" Your biology...enacts your experience of love" and with that she coincidently proves the point that both positive micro-moment of love and negative ones influence an individual and their future towards love. But the implications of the knowledge simply don 't stop at that; the new redefine definition of love brings a somewhat negative connotation in that in that it deprives the individual and the relationship the illusion of fantasy romance and the passion that is associated with the term love. And as Stephen Lawhead said "Knowledge is a burden- once taken up, it can never be discarded" conveniently proved that the excess knowledge burdens the individuals with its repercussion of love.

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