Notes On Natural Gas Research Essay examples

Notes On Natural Gas Research Essay examples

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Jessica Chinikaylo, Kendra Saba, Jennifer Yencha
Mr. West, Periods 2&3
Intro to Matter & Energy
5 November 2014
Natural Gas Research

Drillers get gas out of the ground in a simple way. They use a horse head pump. What a horse head pump does is it Goes up and down to lift a rod in and out of the Well, Which is bringing the gas out of the ground. They can also get natural gas from pipes. “Sometimes called Christmas Trees”(US Department Of Energy). Often when it flows through the reservoir, it can be improved by creating cracks for the gas to flow easier. “These cracks are called Fractures”(US Department of Energy). Natural gas is formed by microscopic plants and animals. When the plants die, they sink to the bottom of the sea. After millions of years layers will start forming. The deeper they sink the more amount of heat and pressure will rise. The higher the heat, the more gas is produced. After the gas was formed, they would migrate. Some migrated all the way to the surface and escaped.
Natural gas is a fossil fuel formed from the remains of animals and plants. Pressure and heat cause change to organic material, turning it into gas. “Geologists use seismic surveys to locate likely areas to drill for gas deposits. Seismic surveys use vibrations on the Earth’s surface to send out echoes and collect information about the rocks beneath the ground” (Energy 33). If a surveyed site looks like it contains natural gas deposits, the area is drilled. A large hole is dug by a hydraulic excavator. Gas drilling holes are dug into the ground well below the usable water (Average Depth).
Natural gas is an energy source that is directly used. “This makes it more energy efficient because less energy is used in the process of conversion into us...

... middle of paper ...

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