The Impact of Oil and Natural Gas Industry in Oklahoma

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The main thing in natural gas is methane. Millions of years ago, decaying remains of plants and animals piled up into thick layers. This stuff is called organic material (it was once alive). Over time, the sand/silt changed to rock, covered the organic material, and trapped it beneath the rock. Press/heat changed some of it to coal, oil, and natural gas; tiny little bubbles of odorless gas. Geologists, study the structure and processes of the Earth. They locate the types of rock that might contain gas and oil deposits. Scientists and engineers choose an area by making observations on rock samples from the earth and recording data. If the area seems promising, they start drilling. Some of these areas are on land but many are deep in the ocean. Once the gas is found, it flows up through the well to the surface of the ground and into large pipelines. By-products are separated and cleaned at a gas processing plant. Dry natural gas is also known as consumer-grade natural gas. We can also use machines called "digesters" that turn today’s organic material into natural gas. This machine replaces waiting for millions of years for the gas to form naturally. Natural gas many industrial uses, such as providing the base ingredients for such varied products as plastic, fertilizer, anti-freeze, and fabrics. It is more affordable than gasoline. Also, industry is the largest consumer of natural gas, accounting for 43 percent of natural gas use across all sectors. Natural gas is the second most used energy source in industry, trailing only electricity. Natural gas used as a transportation fuel is called compressed natural gas (CNG). That's because the gas is confined to a pressure of approximately 3,600 pounds p... ... middle of paper ... ...eate smog in places like New York City with all kinds of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere with the use of gasoline. Works Cited "EIA Energy Kids - Natural Gas." U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). Web. 15 Oct. 2011. . Information, PodcastsIndustrial ServicesRate."Natural Gas Vehicles - Oklahoma Natural Gas." Oklahoma NaturalGas.Web.15Oct.2011. Web. 15 Oct. 2011. . Hargreaves, Steve. "Natural Gas." Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. Web. 16 Oct. 2011. . "Natural Gas and Its Uses." Welcome To The API Website. Web. 16 Oct. 2011. .
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