Not All Women Should Not Be A Midwife Essay examples

Not All Women Should Not Be A Midwife Essay examples

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Not all women are cut out to be a midwife. However, those who became midwives were often led to their path either answering a "call ", followed a family tradition or took up an interest in serving women during pregnancy and childbirth. For some people being called to midwifery came in a dream, others a vision and for some through prayer. For these women, it is a common belief that they were chosen by God to do this work, therefore it means something not only special but spiritual as well. Other midwives followed the tradition in there family, especially in cultures where midwifery and birthing at home was (and still is) the norm. It was not uncommon for a young woman to apprentice and follow her Grandmother, Mother, or Aunty, to assist in a delivery. However a midwife was led to this path, (in most instances) there was a period of training and grooming before doing any hands on.
There are plenty of stories told where midwives came to births on foot, mule, during a stormy blizzard, or during a thunderstorm on a hot summer day for miles and miles until she reached the doorsteps of a laboring mother. Often she stayed with the new mother for days or even weeks to assist the mother with the care of her family and home while the mother adjusted to mothering and got her strength back.

Regardless how Midwives became inspired, it is agreed upon that this is their life purpose, and they are doing what they are suppose to do. It is woven into their daily lives like a tapestry, and to many it is considered a way of life. Not only was she the first one to lay hands on a miracle, often times it was she who kept her community healthy with her knowledge of herbs and other homemade remedies. She aided the elderly and was sometimes called on to m...

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... To Me Good: The Story of an Alabama Midwife. These three midwives have shared their story with us so that we can understand our history in Midwifery. Midwives can be found throughout the United States and across the sea. In many states Midwifery is still unlawful. Some states have managed to pass laws that have made midwifery a free state to practice in. Those who practice laid midwifery in restricted states do so because they believe that families ought to have the right to birth where they want and to be attended by whom they choose. They believe in freedom and exercise this belief as Harriet Tubman once did. Many midwives today believe they were called to serve the pregnant mother as the midwives of yesterday. They serve with pride and dignity, something that no man will ever take away. As long as there are mothers upon the stool, there will always be midwives.

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