Reflection Of A Midwifery

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I have always enjoyed working with different people, as a result of this, when I looked into midwifery and discovered that it would give me the opportunity to demonstrate this, it appealed to me enormously. I became fascinated with all aspects of pregnancy at the age of 7 when my mother became pregnant with my brother. I helped my mother all through her pregnancy until minutes before she gave birth. I am extremely drawn to the fact that the role of a midwife is not only to provide care for a woman throughout their pre-natal period, labour and the post-natal period but a midwife also builds a relationship with the woman and their family by becoming the first point of contact for them. A midwife is essential in preparing a woman for motherhood. A midwife provides the woman with relevant, unbiased information which allows the woman to make informed choices about their care and their baby’s care. The midwife also gives the woman unlimited support. A midwife has a great influence on a woman’s…show more content…
Over the course of my sixth form studies I have learnt a number of essential skills. Studying Child’s Play, Learning and Development, BTEC Biology and Health and Social Care demonstrates my aptitude at organisation, time-keeping and self-motivation of workload, as these subjects require a lot of hard work and dedication, which are beneficial skills when becoming a midwife. The Health and Social care course requires you to take part in work experience; I completed my work experience in Bedford hospital, on the maternity ward, where I observed midwives in action. I experienced midwives allowing both mother and baby to receive the best and most sufficient care possible which intrigued me. Importantly, from my experiences of staying on at sixth form for an extra year, I have learnt that perseverance is
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