North Korean Concentration Camps Of North Korea Essay

North Korean Concentration Camps Of North Korea Essay

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Overview of North Korean Concentration Camps
North Korean concentration camps breed fear into the minds of the citizens. For over two decades, the UN executed no action toward the North Korean leader, currently Kim Jong-Un, for being held accountable for crimes against humanity. Kim Jong-Un, the son of Kim Jong-Il who also dictated over North Korea, took the position and title of Supreme Leader after his father passed away late in 2011 (Chol-hwan). He is responsible for continuing these crimes with the use of torture and forced labor.
These crimes made victims of innocent citizens. Some of which described as bad as or worse than the Third Reich 's advancement toward the Jews and gypsies. An example of how wretched it is by comparing it to the holocaust, North Korean escapees share with us their thoughts by claiming
Although the twentieth century has witnessed terrible bloodshed from ethnic cleansing and genocide, political oppression, and religious hostilities, none has surpassed, we believe, the crimes of North Korea in terms of length, systematic practice, terror, and secrecy (Are They Telling us the Truth?, 10).
So, not only do they claim it is worse, but also that is has been terrorizing people for longer, has been kept secretive longer, and has been gruesomely practiced more.
North Korea has had these issues brewing in their political agenda for ages. It 's not as if this type of behavior erupted when one new leader took office. The generation 's before Kim Jong-Un have been power hungry and will continue to do so. The corruptness of North Koreans political system has been growing ever so steadily. For example, illegal international arms dealing wasn 't nearly as despicable as one of the most unsuspecting drug s...

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...ver I wanted. I could live in this society following my desires. So I didn’t have that much stress adapting to South Korea (Kang Chol-hwan).
A no-stress unification is the most logical way to proceed with the expulsion of the crimes against humanity.
Through this research paper I used various sources of information most of which was ex-prisoners relaying what they lived though. Though this did help, it essentially became three of my main sources being the same information. I ended up having to scrap two of my sources. One source scrapped because the newspaper article was too small to provide anything useful aside from the title, and my second source being abandoned because it was repetitive information of an ex-prisoner living in the concentration camps. The most interesting thing I came across is of how long this has been going on without any sort of media on this.

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