Gendercide: A Silent Crisis in India and China

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Similarly, the issue of gendercide is seen in the film “It’s a Girl”. Gendercide is not only executed through feticide, but is also present in older, usually married women through dowry and other forms of gender based violence. The film takes place in patriarchally structured India and China, and opens by disclosing the ratio of boys to girls in the world, 105:100, and then specifies that ratio in nations that value male lives, which is 140:100 (0:05). Parents in these nations often kill their young female children, justifying the act by noting that the children will die in one minute (usually via asphyxiation), rather than suffer day by day existing as a woman in a male-privileged society (0:08). When women in India get married, their families …show more content…

In the film “Camp 14: Total Control Zone”, directed by German filmmaker Marc Wiese, consists of narration and animation by North Korean native Shin Dong-hyuk, who was born and grew up in the Kaechon internment camp (known as "Camp 14") in North Korea. Dong-hyuk is clearly traumatized from his time in the camp, as he was born in a place where individual rights were unheard of. The rules of this torture camp consisted of bogus policies such as restricting any and all forms of contact between men and women outside of work and forced reaction that demonstrate “the deepest remorse” for honest mistakes made by inmates (0:19). The most restrictive policy stated that anyone who attempts to escape or helps anyone escape will be shot, thus many family members and “friends” ratted each other out, often with no true reason, out of fear of being reprimanded for knowing about attempted escape plans. Not only were inmates living in a constant state of fear, but the levels of sexual abuse and misconduct in camps is unimaginable, as a women and even children were often violated in front of the eyes of their fathers and brothers, yet any resistance would result in the death of the assaulted and any witnesses (0:25). Methods of torture include acts

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