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North Kore The Korean War Essay

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Historically, the Korean War played a tremendous role in both North and South Korean societies. The Korean War was simply a victim of the rivalry between the Communism and the Capitalism. North Korea followed the communist beliefs, while the South Korea was backed up by the United States and its allies. The result of this war was deleterious, over 5 million people were killed from both sides. (Stueck, 1997). After experiencing a huge amount of loss both economically and socially, the Korean peninsula still remains divided. In other words, Korean people have experienced extreme tragedy for nothing in return. Visibly, the two Korean states have now a miniature intention to get into Militarized Interstate Disputes (MID). Accordingly, a realist would argue that North Korea spends the quarter of their GDP on the military to defend itself from further conflicts similar to the Korean War. Furthermore, the ‘defensive realism’ predicts that a state avoids any militarized disputes by first of all increasing its military capability. Likewise, in anarchy, states often face constant threats from other nations trying to damage and overpower them (Taliaferro, 2000). Therefore, in order to protect itself, a state would try its best to not let the other states bully them. This can be interpreted as the following: by increasing the military capability, a state would increase their chance of winning a war. In other words, if the North Korean military is very powerful, an opposing state would have less chance of winning the war, which discourages the opposing state to engage in conflict with North Korea. In theory, this defensive realist strategy is an exceptionally effective way of protection. However, defensive realism creates a ‘security dilemma’...

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...son why North Korean pursues military and nuclear power is because of their current regional and global identity, which defined their further interests.

The United States of America is often identified as the global major power, therefore, they often engage in interactions with other states accordingly to their major power status. As a result, their interest is often associated with their status and identity. The interest of the U.S is not similar to a small developing country. For example, a small developing country such as Bolivia does not have any interest in making treaties with bigger nations, or even developing a nuclear weapon because these interests collide with their identity. Therefore, the size of North Korea, regime type, and their status of divided status might all be playing certain roles in constructing the true North Korean identity and interests.

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