Essay about Nonverbal Communication : All The Time

Essay about Nonverbal Communication : All The Time

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Nonverbal communication surrounds us all the time. “Nonverbal communication is all aspects of communication other than words” (Wood, 2016, p. 135). It is not communication with words, but we use nonverbal communication when we talk. We use nonverbal communication without even realizing it in every facet of our lives. This type of communication can be challenging depending on someone’s culture. Something that means one thing in America, can mean something totally different in another country. It is important to know this so that you don’t offend someone from another culture (Wood, 2016, p. 149).
The rule that I am going to break by nonverbal communication is difficult for Americans. Americans like to have their own personal space, whether it is around them when speaking to someone or space in their home. Culture and how we are raised is a huge factor on how comfortable people are with being in close proximity to each other. According to Hall (1966), “In the United States, we generally interact with social acquaintances from a distance of 4 to 12 feet, but are comfortable with 18 inches or less between ourselves and close friends and romantic partners” (Wood, 2016, p. 149).
I started this week by getting very close to individuals in different situations. When I was at the grocery store, I stood very close to a lady in the checkout line. She moved a couple of steps away, as she did this I got closer to her. Soon she had no room to move away because of the person in front of her so she turned around and gave me a dirty look. After she did this, I moved away from her and I could tell that she became more comfortable but that she was still irritated. On the other hand, I have observed when I am in a store with my children that if they...

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...y or a close friends, your personal space can be smaller than if you are talking to an acquaintance. “Proxemics refers to space and how we use it” (Wood, 2016, p. 149). Emotions play a factor in personal space also, when we are sad we tend to let our personal space be reduced. On the other hand, when we are mad, the personal space we feel comfortable with grows larger. When you invade someone’s personal space, the person my either use verbal or nonverbal communication to let you know that they are not at ease with you doing this. This was a very interesting week and I learned a great deal about nonverbal communication from this assignment. It is very interesting that something that is normal in the United States may not be in another country. That it depends on one’s culture and social norms, which really shows us how diverse the world really is (Wood, 2016, p. 149).

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