The Nobel Hamlet of Shakespeare’s Play Hamlet Essay

The Nobel Hamlet of Shakespeare’s Play Hamlet Essay

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The thought of knowing the secret of .your father’s murderer must be extremely agonizing. In Shakespeare’s play Hamlet, this is the unfortunate tragedy the Prince of Denmark faces. Shakespeare implies the pyramid structure using the five acts, which builds the intensity of the drama before revealing the tragic climax. Hamlet is ordered by the ghost of his beloved father to restore order to Denmark and seek revenge on Claudius. This young prince is eager to revenge his father’s death but he is not sure morally if it’s the right thing to do. The play stresses Hamlets feelings, his thoughts and his indecisiveness, but he finally seeks vengeance in the end. Sadly, Hamlet loses his life to honor his father in this moral revenge tragedy
Shakespeare fills the exposition in act one full of information about the situation surrounding the royal family in Denmark with the setting, and the characters’ motives. The state of affairs takes place when King Hamlet kills the King of Norway. Upon his retreat home he dies from a deliberate poisoning by his brother. Fortinbras the Prince of Norway plans his own revenge and gathers a group of evil men to head for Denmark. The opening scene around the castle reveals Denmark guards on duty day and night, in fear of attack from Norway. During the exposition, Shakespeare introduces to the main characters and their motives. The main characters are Hamlet the Prince of Denmark, and Claudius as the New King. Other important charters are the Ghost of King Hamlet and Queen Gertrude, Hamlet’s mother. Claudius is the antagonist because he steels the throne from Hamlet Tension builds between the two men when Claudius confronts Hamlet about his mourning behavior and protests it to be unmanly. Hamle...

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...ilitary funeral he deserves and honor remains in the family name. Hamlet’s mourning about the death of his father and the remarriage of his mother drives him to madness. This is the main characters inner tragedy that Shakespeare expresses in the play. First he considers suicide but the ghost of King Hamlet sends him on a different path, directing him to revenge his death. Shakespeare uses Hamlet to articulate his thoughts about life, death and revenge. Being a moral character he must decide if revenge is the right thing to do. Shakespeare relays many scenarios of reasoning to the audience about mankind His hero sets the wrongs on mankind right again.

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