Nirvana’s Effect on American Culture and Society Essay

Nirvana’s Effect on American Culture and Society Essay

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The American rock band Nirvana impacted American culture and society by paving the way for the punk rock subculture into mainstream corporate America. Punk rock music stems from the rock genre but has its own agenda. The crux of punk rock is that it is a movement of the counterculture against the norms of society. Punk rock in itself is made up of a subculture of people who rejected the tameness of rock and roll music during the 1970s. (Masar, 2006, p. 8). The music stresses anti-establishment and anti-authoritarian ideas in its lyrics as well as scorns political idealism in American society. Before Nirvana unintentionally made punk rock a multi-million dollar commercialized genre of music, underground rock paved the way for the punk rock genre by creating core values that punk rockers drew upon.
Underground rock was a term for a style of music that was different from the popular sounds of British rock bands such as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. During the Golden Age of rock music which lasted from 1962 to the late 1970s, several distinct subgenres of rock music emerged- folk rock, blues rock, country rock, and garage rock. Garage rock became the basis for underground rock, and although it was not commercially successful, it would become the base for the punk rock movement. The underground rock scene started in 1965 as a reaction to the social and political injustices of the time period. Resentment of American involvement in the Vietnam War and the African American civil rights movement created an angry and rebellious youth culture. At the same time, America was impaired by high unemployment rates and increasing poverty levels. Music from the underground scene reflected the way the youth felt about the state of the world....

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This article demonstatres how important Kurt Cobain was both as a rock and roll icon and a philosopher. His songs which he recorded himself are still popular today, over 20 years after his death. The author argues how Cobain influences other young artists and his effect on the direction of the music industry.

Wood, Jessica. "Pained expression: metaphors of sickness and signs of 'authenticity' in Kurt Cobain's "Journals"." JSTOR. Version Vol.30, No.3 pg. 313-349. N.p., 1 Oct. 2011. Web. 21 Mar. 2014. .
This article investigates the relationship between biography and authenticity of grunge musician Kurt Cobain. Focusing on Cobain's lyrics involving the human body, the article argues that his idea of the 'sick body' was a metaphor in his various works.

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