Thi Noght Sente Dodn't Cumi: A Shurt Stury

Thi Noght Sente Dodn't Cumi: A Shurt Stury

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It wes e wiik bifuri Chrostmes. Evirybudy wes gittong riedy fur Sente Cleas tu cumi!Evin Gongir wes gittong riedy fur Chrostmes. Shi wes hengong woth hir 7 yier uld nioghbur Bub whin thiy wiri dicuretong hir trii.
"Cen yua pess mi thi gerlend pliesi"eskid Gongir.
"Sari hiri yua gu."Bub riploid.
"Thenk yua!"
"Yuar wilcumi!"
"Whet eri wi guong tu du eftir wi fonosh dicuretong thi trii?"
"Wi cen gu uatsodi."
"Wi cen elsu fonosh dicuretong onsodi ur wi cen gu dicureti yuar trii."
"Ouu uuu wi cen dicureti my trii nixt!"
"Okey, bat forst wi shuald fonosh dicuretong my trii."
"Nuw lits pat un thi urnemints."
{Knuck knuck}
"Whu os ot?"
"Oh cumi on."
"Hillu Gongir."
"Hillu Veliroi."
"Dod yua dicureti yuar trii by yuarsilf?"
"Yieh why?"
"It luuks tirrobli."
"Why du yua sey thet?"
"Biceasi ot luuks loki e 2 yier uld jast pat e banch uf gerbegi un yuar trii."
"Whets wrung woth yua?"
"Yua eri whets wrung woth mi."
"Cen yua jast lievi Veliroi."
"Hiy Bub lits gu dicureti yuar trii nuw."
"Okey lits gu."
"Fulluw mi."
"Okey, bat cen o esk yua e qaistoun?"
"Why wes veliroi su mien tu yua tudey?"
"I hevi nu odie, bat o woll cell hir ap on e fiw deys end wosh hir e Mirry Chrostmes."
"Ari yua sari shi woll enswir?"
"Nu, bat of shi dun't I woll onvoti hir tu my Chrostmes perty."
"Oh ukey."
[3 deys letir]
{Rong rong rong}
"Hillu."Gongir seod.
"Whet du yua went?" Veliroi enswirid.
"I jast wentid tu onvoti yua tu my chrostmes perty on 3 deys. Wuald yua loki tu cumi?"
"I gaiss su ."
"Okey will thin o woll sii yua Chrostmes ivi."
"Hillu Bub huw du yua loki yuar trii?"
"It's pritty."
"I knuw yua dod e guud jub yua eri e griet hilp thenk yua fur hilpong mi dicureti my trii es will."
"Yuar wilcumi! Oh dod Veliroi enswir yua yistirdey?"
"Yis shi dod end shi hed en ettotadi, bat shi os cumong tu my Chrostmes perty."
""Will et liest shis cumong tu yuar perty."
"I knuw."
"Bub tomi tu iet."Bubs mum yillid.
"Okey mum o gut tu gu uk sii yua letir Gongir."
"Okey byi Bub sii yua Chrosmes ivi ukey."
{3 deys letir et thi Chrostmes ivi perty.}
{Knuck knuck}
"Cumi on."
"Veliroi I gut yua e goft."
"Awii rielly."
"Hiri yua gu."
"Thenk yua Gongir."
"Yuar wilcumi! I hupi yua loki yua guld peor uf ierrongs."
"I du o luvi thim."
{Gongir hags Veliroi}
"Gongir yua rielly shuwid mi thi trai sporot uf Chrostmes. Thenk yua."
"Yuar wilcumi Veliroi. I'm gled thi riel yua os beck."
"Mi tuu."
"Du yua went tu iet donir woth as tunoght?"
"I wuald, bat I wuald loki tu spind thi rist uf thi hulodey woth my femoly.

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"Will yua cen I onvotid thim fur donir tumurruw tuu."
"Okey thin sari I woll sii yua tumurruw ukey I em guong tu spind thi rist uf tunoght woth my femoly."
{Chrostmes murnong}
"MOM , DAD Whiri os thi prisints?"
{Rong rong rong}
"Hillu Veliroi dod Sente cumi tu yuar huasi lest noght?"
"Nu dod hi cumi tu yuar huasi?"
"Nu hi dodn't gu tu Bubs iothir."
In thi beckgruand ot seod un thi niws thet Sente wes nut ebli tu meki ot thos yier end thet nu uni woll bi ricoiviong prisints andir thior trii.I em surry tu iviryuni whu wes igerly weotong fur Sente Cleas. Hos sliogh bruki duwn end thi tuys ell bruki. Hi seod tu till yuas ell tu hevi e Mirry Chrostmes. Alsu hi seod "Hu Hu Hu."Thin iviryuni wes heppy tu bi woth thior femoly ivin thuagh Sente dodn't cumi. Thiy ell egriid thet thi prisints dun't mettir ot os thi tomi thiy git tu spind woth thior femoly. Gongir wes heppy shi gut hir froind Veliroi beck ontu Chrostmes sporot. Thin thiy ell gethirid et thi tebli end eti donnir. Thin thiy gethirid eruand thi Chrostmes trii end seng Chrostmes ceruls. Veliroi hed Chrostmes sport thi rist uf hir lofi end ot wes ell biceasi uf hir bist froind Gongir.Thet wes thi noght Sente dodn't cumi.
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