Nietzche's In the Horizon of the Infinite: Aphorism 124 Essay

Nietzche's In the Horizon of the Infinite: Aphorism 124 Essay

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There are many things in life that aren’t concrete and are constantly changing, while with that comes different views and ideas on these things. Everyone is different, and expresses differing opinions on things that are considered fixed. In the Aphorism 124 (In the Horizon of the Infinite), Nietzsche is trying to convey this idea of discovering different perspectives around one’s surroundings, unlike the general consensus of viewing the world as a fixed object/idea. Through Nietzsche's Aphorism 127 I will expand upon Nietzsche’s idea of fluidity, while comparing Nietzsche’s view to a few of Aristotle’s views.
First off Nietzsche emulates his ideas by elaborating with the use of figurative language, instead of using literal sense to emphasize the idea of a different frame. For example, when one views art and poetry, each person will interpret it differently through their own experiences or knowledge, and Nietzsche understands this and using this to better exemplify his Aphorism. Aristotle uses a more systematic approach to elaborate his points, and lacks in the “artistic” department.
In the Aphorism 124 (In the Horizon of the Infinite), Nietzsche uses symbolism to further advance and lay out his image of society’s portrayal of the world. This idea of the land being burned is not meant literally, but metaphorically speaking with the thought in mind that people are moving forward without actual thought that they are leaving things behind. It seems as if people go through life without truly being conscious, almost as if going through the motion and not really realizing where they are in the world. Nietzsche further states that“[the ocean] does not always roar, and at times it lies spread out like silk and gold and reveries of gracio...

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...understand that is a crucial part to Nietzsche’s very own beliefs: coming to our own conclusions, and thought, believing in what is real and understanding where we are in relation to the world. While reading this Aphorism I couldn’t help but think of this idea of authenticity in our moral views. We based many of our moral ideas on things that were put forth and set in motion before we are able to make our own conclusions on an idea. Many people relay ideas and conceptions from what others think, we understand the world based on what is told to us; therefore, are the perspectives we have really from the right frame of mind. As I mentioned before, people have many interpretations as to what something means, and I think that people should continue to become more aware of what is around them and formulate authentic experiences and ethical views from doing just that.

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