The New World Where Gender Roles Are Blurred And Near Invisible Essay

The New World Where Gender Roles Are Blurred And Near Invisible Essay

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Welcome to the new world where gender roles are blurred and near invisible. It must seem impossible for such a world to exist yet it can, when men and women can be seen as equals in all fields and gender roles are erased. There is a great disturbance in the force that has lived longer than any human and they call it gender stereotypes over time the name has changed, but the most memorable names for the gender roles or stereotypes are guy and girl codes. These codes now define humans, as a that man in one corner and the woman in another. Because of the gender roles that were established years ago it seems as if there is discrimination within the community if that person does not oblige to do the action. There is discrimination against men and women, and it seems as if they are at war due to the injustice that that they may have faced. Both genders will continue to face injustice if the ignorance of gender roles continue to be the backbone of life. Eventually there must come change to the stereo types. Gender stereotypes have damaged communities by backing people into a corner. Both genders should be treated equally because there is something they have in common, having humanity.
Gender roles have been defined and it seems almost impossible to shift the scale of the role for men and women. Men are supposed to be strong and women are supposed to be fragile. Michael Kimmel said when asking young women what they think it means to be a woman, they give him a puzzled look, and basically say whatever they wish. Yes that is true, both males and females have the ability to choose a life path that seems fit for them. But females basically told Kimmel they had the ability to be Britney Spears, but really the most they could do is take on a ...

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...s of the negative effects in the codes. Re-educating is already being done; watch the youths with bullying or civil rights. Bullying was once a social norm but now if any person were to call someone fat and it hurts there filling theres a chance you may end up in court. If someone were watch networks like Disney every five to ten minutes it seems as if they are teach lessons on how to react to bullies when in the pasts this did not exist. Civil rights was once a joke in the United States and now its possible for for interracial relationships, and almost possible for for same sex marriage. So re-educating the nation through the youth seems to be the best answer they are often the first to take action on important events, if a child is raised to not believe in the gender roles they will be able to make a change with the next group of children. This could lead to Utopia.

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