The New World : A John Smith Story Essay

The New World : A John Smith Story Essay

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The New World: A John Smith Story Review
On August, 28 2016 I watched “The New World: A John Smith Story” on Amazon Prime with my mother. Since I love history, I had no problem watching a History Channel movie. I sat from eight to nearly twelve o’clock at night watching this movie. This is my account and opinion of this film featuring the New World.
The movie itself was about John Smith. It began with the colonists landing in what was soon to be Jamestown, Virginia. John Smith was to be hanged when they reached shore but their leader gave him a pardon as long as he gave up any mutinous actions. While exploring the colonists encountered the Indians. They were in awe of the colonists shiny armor and weapons that were sharp enough to cut you if you looked at them. That night they slept on their ships in full armour for security measures. That next day they started to construct the wall that would surround and protect Jamestown. They also began to build houses, naturally the Indians were curious and started to explore the area the colonists had settled. That curiosity soon became deadly as one of the Indians was shot for taking a steel hatchet. This broke peace in the short time they had been in the New World. The president of Jamestown sent John Smith and a few other soldiers to make peace with the Indians. They drifted down river for days and were separated when their prisoner escaped into the tall maze-like brush. John wondered for a while and was soon attacked by the Indians blinded and quickly disabled him. They took him to their village where he was to be executed. A single girl named Pocahontas saved his life by shielding him. Her father wanted her to learn about the ways of the English and teach John theirs. For many months J...

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...e to survive the cruelty of the New World. My mother joined me in this movie and we sat together watching it for two hours. It was an interesting but long movie. I love history but this movie made me want to stop watching after the first hour. Despite all of it, we kept our state of attentiveness and continued to watch. I noticed that movies like this are harder to watch than movies like Star Wars when it comes to length. This movie did an amazing job showing the danger, hardships, and the triumphs of the people that settled the New World.

In conclusion, despite the length of this movie I enjoyed watching it. It was an interesting and very well directed movie. The sacrifices that the colonists made to tame this wild land were extraordinary and paved the way for the greatest nation in the world. These sacrifices will always be remembered and never forgotten.

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