New United Continental Boss Starts Tenure With Apology Essay

New United Continental Boss Starts Tenure With Apology Essay

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New United Continental Boss Starts Tenure With Apology:
A Leadership Paper
The new CEO Munoz starts off with an apology; Mr. Munoz apologizes for not meeting expectations and vows to improve. He faces a huge leadership challenge in this article facing scandals on labor issues, poor customer service, mechanical and technological issues, as well as profits records. The new CEO of United Continental Mr. Munoz has a lot of transformational and strategic challenges ahead of him. He must start where the core is held, the employees and mechanics addressing “what works and what doesn’t.”
The company has a lot of negative back lashing to overcome from the previous 2010 merger and CEO Smisek who recently resigned. Mr. Smisek was employed during the inception of the merger in 2010, and who is currently under a federal investigation, with records showing the decline in business since the merger.
The new CEO Munoz arrives to United as a wide range leader, as a transactional leader he is taking the initiative by making contact with its employees, board members, and customers for the purpose of an exchange of values. CEO Munoz takes a Strategic leadership approach while accepting his new position, he is defined as a person who has the ability to anticipate, envision, maintain flexibility, think strategically, and work with others to initiate changes that will create a viable future for United.
Although United doesn’t seem as a bureaucratic company, Mr. Munoz is a transformational leader who aspires to generate a collective purpose and transforming processes that are ultimately linked to the organization’s vision, strategy, and culture as well as promoting innovation in products and technologies that the company has failed with the 2010 merger. H...

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...Process and Reliability” committee, they will need to be held accountable for mechanics and technology updates so it will stop from going up the chain. They will be able to pin point the issue and who was responsible, it will also assist in rectifying the issue at hand before it goes social.
Therefore, Mr. Munoz proves to be a great asset and valued CEO for United Continental. Utilizing humility he has apologized to its employee’s first creating authenticity as an effective leader. He said his other major priority is luring back United customers by improving the carrier 's reliability. Mr. Munoz states his sense of urgency should be at hyper-speed because United faces intense competition. He said he needs to study what rivals do and "what 's overcome-able and what 's not." I believe he will be the leader to put United Continental back to stability and raise profits.

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