New Product Will Change The Game Within The Plastics Industry Essay

New Product Will Change The Game Within The Plastics Industry Essay

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FClariant recently announced its launch for a bio compatible materials. This new product will change the game within the plastics industry. With any new product launch there is an uncertainty of the exact cycle time that a product may have. A cycle time is important to know within a production based atmosphere because it’s the period required to complete one cycle of an operation or to complete a function, job, or task from start to finish (Business Dictionary, 2016). Time means money in production and the longer the cycle time the less other business is moving the less money is being made. The process time cycle for this new production of the bio based material is estimated to take 2 hours for a 100# material production order. This is about an hour longer than a non-bio based material. The time cycle is longer for a couple reasons, one being that Clariant has not run this material before so we added time for error and two the company did do research and have found that the nature of the material is more delicate which takes a little bit more processing time.
Bottleneck production has been factored into the cycle time of the material. Bottlenecks happen within plastic production with material run now so Clariant is predicting that it will more than likely happen with any new product being introduced. A bottleneck that could happen is that the first couple hundred pounds of bio-based material we run has a large amount of errors and we are set back with time, in this case this would slow down material production massively. A bottleneck that could also affect cycle time is the lack of knowledge on the material from the staff. If the extruding engineers do not understand or know enough about the bio-based material than it could caus...

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...ll be ready to introduce their new product. I truly believe that success stems from the management team, the lean management has to be pushed from management and if they can fully support the technical engineers and follow the process the introduction of the bio based material will be a Clariant success.

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